Free Magazines

Free Magazines

If you are looking for something to do during your downtime, you may want some reading materials on what Tokyo has to offer. There are many free magazines that are put out around the city for you to read. Some are informative, while others are just for entertainment. They will give you the taste of the humor and culture of Japan, make sure to pick them up and take a look


Description The Metropolis magazine is completely free, and features a guide to Tokyo, classified ads from readers and also a local news section. The magazine is published every two weeks, and in 2011 was reported to have a readership of around 30,000 tourists and citizens. The main target audience for the magazine is English-speaking tourists who are traveling around the city, and are in need of cheap services and a guide to what to do while in the city.

Tokyo Notice Board

Description The Tokyo Notice Board is a website which, every Friday, updates a range of classified ads. There is also a free magazine which is published every Friday, circulated around the city. Sections featured on the website and in the magazine include housing, a guide to the city, where to eat and drink, travel, activities and beauty tips. The deadline for purchasing ads is 3pm on the Thursday before the magazine and website are published.

Tokyo Weekender

Description Originally a tabloid newspaper, the Tokyo Weekender is an English-language magazine published every week in Japan. The target audience of the magazine is not tourists in Japan, but rather permanent expatriate citizens who speak English. The website is updated daily, with the latest news from Tokyo as well as business and travel publications written by the editors and journalists employed by the company. The website also features a real estate section, where English-speakers can post properties for sale in the city.

Tokyo Pocket Guide

Description When exploring Tokyo, you will need a map or a good guide. The Tokyo Pocket Guide is the most widely available free guide to exploring Tokyo, with many hotels, restaurants and bars offering copies of the guide for its tourists. Three editions are published each year, during the spring, summer and autumn months. The guide comes in the form of a fold-out map, which is absolutely free and saves a lot of space when compared to local atlases.

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