Smart Phone Applications

Smart Phone Applications

Trying to navigate yourself around a strange city is never easy, that is why the use of smart phone applications are always helpful. There are many apps that will give you the locations of all the conveniences you need. They will navigate you around the city and give you useful information to not only locate, but to rate the establishments so that you don’t waste your time while there. Make sure to search, and download them, to see the best the city has to offer.

Tokyo Metro Subway - iTunes - Apple

Description If you are looking to get information about the times and schedules for the Tokyo Metro Subway make sure to download the free app from the itunes store. This handy application will give you information that you need about the subway running times and other information about where the subway runs and how to utilize it throughout the city. GPS tracking will get you to the closest station to navigate your way around the city center and beyond.

Yurekuru Call- iTunes - Apple

Description Don’t be caught in Japan without the knowledge of any impending Earthquake. Earthquakes are a realistic danger that you have to be prepared for. This app from itunes will give you push notifications if there is an Earth quake warning in the city and the approximate information about when it will hit. It will also give you a scale about how complex it is and how serious you should take it. A handy service, you can never be too careful when dealing with natural disasters, especially when in a foreign land.

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