The Japan Times

Description The Japan Times is the only English-language newspaper published in Japan which is not tied to a media conglomerate. The paper dates back to 1897 as an independent newspaper, but during the Second World War the control of the newspaper was virtually nationalised to provide a supportive media outlet. There are three publications under The Japan Times’ name: The Japan Times, a daily broadsheet newspaper; The Japan Times Weekly, a weekly tabloid; and Shukan ST, an English-language tabloid aimed at English beginners.

Japan Today

Description The Japan Today blog is one of the widest-read English-language news blogs in Japan. The company is based in Tokyo, and, since 2000, has published opinion pieces, new articles, press releases and photographs to its website. The vast majority of pieces published online by Japan Today are sourced from third-party newspapers, and so provides a wider range of opinion that other news blogs that are available in the English language. Despite being published in English, the focus of the blog is on Japanese news.

Japan Guide

Description If you need an online, English-language guide to Japan, is a really good website. It focuses on tourists to Japan, offering guidance on traveling across the country, where to stay and what to eat while in Japan. The website is very user-friendly, and there is even a section of the website dedicated to personal ads and classifieds, so that travelers can meet each other on the forums. The website is helpfully split into tourist and student sections.

Time out Tokyo

Description When you are looking for places to visit in Tokyo, Time Out Tokyo is a very helpful online resource. The website lists everything that you can do in the Japanese capital, with sections for museums, restaurants, hotels, sports centres and also the best ways to travel in the city. The website has both a Japanese and English language version, and there is a vast range of things to choose from so you will find something right for you.


Description The Metropolis website features a guide to Tokyo, classified ads from readers and also a local news section. The magazine is published every two weeks, and in 2011 was reported to have a readership of around 30,000 tourists and citizens. The main target audience for the magazine is English-speaking tourists who are traveling around the city, and are in need of cheap services and a guide to what to do while in the city.


Description This is a website which offers a complete guide to Tokyo. There are sections on the history of the city, what to do if you are a tourist in the city, as well as guides on how to make the most out of your holiday. One of the most popular parts of the website is the “Recommended Courses” section, which guides tourists around the city based on their criteria ?one example is how to explore the city while spending money.

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