Driving School

Driving School

If you are relocating to Tokyo, your national driver’s license will not be valid to drive a motor vehicle in Japan. If you intend to drive within the city, or to the outer surrounding areas, you will need to obtain a driver’s license issued specifically for driving in Tokyo. There are many driving schools that will not only train you to drive around the city, but will help you to earn the credentials to obtain your Tokyo’s driver’s license.

Koyama Driving School

Description Koyama Driving School offers English-speaking driving lessons for people with or without driving experience. They offer conversion services for drivers who have foreign drivers’ licenses. There are four driving school locations, located in: Setagaya, Nerima, Tokorozawa and Kanagawa. Most locations are within walking distance from transit stations. You are much more likely to succeed in your exam with this designated driving school than you are a driver’s license center.

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