House Cleaning

House Cleaning

If you are relocating to Tokyo, you had to leave many services and conveniences behind. The trusted professionals who were responsible for cleaning your home need to be replaced. Finding someone to trust to be in your home, and cleaning your personal items, is an overwhelming task. There are many house cleaning services located around the city who are highly reputable and trustworthy. Affordable and professional, they can help to lessen your load by keeping your home clean and neat.

Duskin Kimura

Address 3-13-1, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014Map
Description Duskin Kimura are a cleaning services agency that offer professional cleaning services, periodical maintenance for flowers and plants and pest control and prevention for your residence. Cleaning equipment rentals are also available to take care of the job yourself with less investment. They are a small company that can work around your schedule and offer you cleaning expertise and advice to improve hygiene and air quality. Their services cover Tokyo.

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