Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

Japan’s mobile phone industry is one of the most advanced and competitive in the world. Their hardware and mobile infrastructure is years ahead of the West, and as of 2009 there were over 110 million handsets in use! Phones and SIMs are available with subscription plans or as ‘pay as you go’. Japanese mobile phones were traditionally ‘locked’ to Japan only, but recently manufacturers have introduced unlocked handsets. Foreign GSM-only phones will not work in Japan.

NTT Docomo

Description NTT Docomo is the predominant mobile service operator Japan, with 60 million users as of 2012 (over half of the Japanese mobile market). They offer heaps and heaps of different mobile phone choices and 4G LTE services, with full functionality for all the types of connectivity you would expect, including video calls. The network now provides an English Announcement Service with changes the language to English for incoming and outgoing calls, for easy English communications.


Description SoftBank offer mobile phones and service plans that are designed specifically for international travelers. If you need flexibility during a short stay, SoftBank offer prepaid services for quick and easy connection without monthly statements. If you are staying for 2 or more years, SoftBank’s monthly service plans offer flexibility and convenience. As you would expect, there is a huge range of the latest smartphones and feature phones, and there are many English-speaking SoftBank shops in Tokyo.


Description au (by KDDI) is a Japanese mobile phone brand and internet service provider. They offer prepaid services, data communication devices, tablets, feature phones and smartphones, and have recently introduced iPads and iPhones. They started their super-speedy 4G LTE service in 2012. You can quickly set up high-speed fiber optic internet in your place of residence with download speeds of up to 1Gbps, and you can save money by combining this with an au smartphone package.

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