Books & Music

Books & Music

If you have some downtime while in Tokyo and are looking for a private nook to purchase a good book to read, or the latest release of your favorite musician, book and music stores are in abundance throughout both the city center and suburbs of Tokyo. The latest in release, and publications are at your fingertips, usually within walking distance of your new location. If not within walking distance, you can utilize the convenience of the Tokyo public transportation system.


Description Books Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore chain. It has multiple branches in Tokyo, including its original store in Shinjuku. It’s currently headquartered in the Meguro area of the Japanese capital and has a long history dating back to 1927. It has 56 stores in Japan and carries bestsellers and niche titles, including famous Japanese manga comics. Up until 2007, it was the largest land-based bookstore in South East Asia. Book lovers can buy online and have books shipped all over the world.

LIBRO Ikebukuro

Description LIBRO is a Japanese bookstore chain. It’s an international corporation with stores in diverse places like San Francisco and San Jose. In Tokyo, it has major stores in the Shibuya and Chiyoda districts, although it has numerous smaller stores dotted around the city. It sells a variety of niche books in all genres and carries many of the bestsellers and hottest authors from Japan and elsewhere. It’s present on an annual basis at the Tokyo International Book Fair.

Tower Records

Description Tower Records is an international record retailer. Originally hailing from Sacramento, California, it became a name recognized around the world. Its American chain has since gone defunct as of 2006, but in Japan it continues to do business. It sells many imported albums and music equipment to Japanese shoppers. Its large Shibuya store towers over much of the district and is a noticeable colourful landmark on the skyline. It occupies nine floors and is said to be one of the largest music stores in the world.

Shimamura Music

Description Shimumara Music is the biggest musical instruments retailer in Japan with 140 other stores worldwide. It also operates the third largest music school. Originally opening in 1962 as Mototsugu Shimamura, it quickly expanded and is now one of the most important shopping centres in Tokyo. Its main stores in Tokyo include the one on the border of the Shinjuku shopping area and Komae. Each store specialises in a different area, such as instrument retail and repair, or events and music schools.


Description HMV is an online and land-based music retailer in Tokyo. It has stores in Shinjuku, Toshima, and Shinagawa. As well as selling the latest music albums from local and international artists, it’s a marketplace where people can buy and sell their used CDs and DVDs. HMV also sells tickets to major sporting and music events at the main arenas around Tokyo and beyond. It publishes a regular Mail Magazine to keep fans up to date with the latest offers.

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