Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores

For the many inhabitants in the city who don’t have immediate access to a major grocery store, there are many convenience stores located around the city center and suburbs. These convenient marts sell the basic essentials that people need such as milk, bread and cigarettes. They don’t have a full line of groceries, but will supply you with just what you need to get through your short lived visit. Being available after hours, they also have more convenient hours than the major grocery stores and outlets.


Bento is a takeout meal that is proportionately made for one. Prepackaged, it is a convenience meal for those looking for something quick and easy. It most commonly consists of fish, meat or rice and has cooked, or pickled, vegetables contained within it. It comes in a box shaped container and is just about the presentation of the box as the meal that is contained within. When visiting it is a fun tradition that you should try not only for the taste, but the enjoyment of the experience.

Soft Drinks

Traditional soft drinks in Japan are different than those you would get in other regions of the world. They not only have your favorite soft drinks, and those imported from your native country, they have their own varieties and spin on old favorites. Many soft drinks are comprised of different juices and flavors that are common to the palate of Japanese residents. Having carbonation, they are truly something that has a flavor all their own. Many specialty brands are available.

Alcohol and Cigarettes

Unlike many other places in the world there are very few restrictions on smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol in Japan. There are many vending machines located around the city where you can purchase both alcohol and cigarettes. There is no official legal age for drinking in Japan, nor for smoking, making it very easy to obtain anywhere around the city. Many favorite brands are available, as well as those which are specific just to Japan.

7-Eleven Japan

Description 7-Eleven is a popular convenience retail chain in Japan. They sell convenience items, food, drink and confections, magazines and newspapers, and other products that you would expect to see in newsagents. In larger Seven-Eleven stores you will find fresh food and microwaves to heat food up, as well as cash machines. In Tokyo there are an abundance of Seven Eleven locations; walk a few streets and you'll surely find one.


Description Lawson is an innovative convenience chain with huge numbers of stores across Tokyo. Lawson stores offer a large number of products and services, including delicious confections and cakes. Cash machines are available. They offer many original products and a brand new beverage or food goes on sale practically every week! With the Ponta card loyalty program you can collect points while you spend, and redeem them at Lawson or a variety of partnered retailers including gas stations and hotels.


Description Family Mart is one of the most popular and widespread convenience chains in Japan. Inside each Family Mart store you’ll find a big range of foods and beverages, newspapers, magazines, cash points, convenience items such as umbrellas, calling cards and much more. Smaller stores don’t offer much in the way of fresh food, but larger Family Mart stores offer a good selection of fresh products. You won’t travel far in Tokyo before you come across a Family Mart!


Description MINISTOP is a convenience chain that combines convenience store items and fast food prepared in-store. You can expect to see all of those handy and important day-to-day items, foods and drinks including ice cream and coffee, as well as a signature range of products that customers have grown to love. The MINISTOP mission is to provide happiness with convenience and deliciousness. There are thousands of MINISTOP stores located across the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

Circle K Sunkus

Description Circle K Sunkus is a franchised convenience store chain with a huge number of locations in the Tokyo Met area. Most stores are fairly large and provide everything that you would expect to see in a convenience store - magazines and beverages, and Japanese convenience foods such as onigiri and bento lunchboxes. Their mission is to provide unity and to have a close relationship with customers and suppliers.


Description Daily Yamazaki is a Japanese convenience store chain and also the largest baking company in the country. They are a very popular store chain and have many locations in Tokyo. This is the store to head for if you want baked foods like pastries and breads, and they offer a slice of home with their western style confections, as well as the standard convenience Japanese foods such as bento and origiri.

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