Because of the new airplane rules, taking your cosmetics and toiletries has become very problematic. With the four ounce rule, many visitors are opting to purchase their toiletries and cosmetics once they reach their destination. That is not a problem in Japan. You are able to purchase your cosmetics either at local markets, or pharmacies which are located around Japan. Much like while in the states, cosmetics are sold at many retailers that are convenient to you around the city center.


Description The company caters to cosmetics and healthcare market, and has their focus fixed on manufacturing beauty products that contain no harmful additives. They also offer a range of health supplements at highly affordable rates and they offer top-quality products, such as germinated brown rice and kale powder. Their beauty products don't contain additives like ultraviolet absorbents, fragrances, coloring, mineral oils, sterilizers, preservatives and petroleum surfactants, so they are completely safe to use.


Description DHC, or Daigaku Honyaku Center, sells health food supplements and cosmetics. They started offering their services in 1972, and are now a leading manufacturer of vitamins, healthy foods, cosmetics, and lingerie. They have their head office in Tokyo and their flagship brand is "Virgin Olive Oil". They have made several TV commercials featuring top models, such as Yoon Eun Hye, Nanako Fujisaki, Naomi Hosokawa, and the Kano sisters.


Address 4-33-2 Taito taito-ku TokyoMap
Description In order to buy anything, like appliances, fashion clothing and accessories, or food items, you can visit Takeya. Takeya is one of the oldest discount stores in Tokyo and they are easily accessible from UENO station, and are a few minutes away from Tokyo metro. As well as being popular with Tokyo residents, many foreign shoppers find their way to Takeya because the store has made the duty free shopping experience a breeze.

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