Department Stores

Department Stores

The department stores of Tokyo offer a wide variety, and range of products, from the culture of Tokyo. There are some that offer the domestic cultural products of Tokyo, and those that have imported goods from your home region. Offering a variety of different goods, they are centrally located throughout the city center, as well as the suburbs. Depending on what you are looking to purchase, some can be reached by walking, while others can be accessed through public transportation.


A depachika is a department store that is usually located on the ground floor and sells food. Like a traditional market it most commonly has two different areas, a delicatessen and a side that specializes in treats and snacks. Having a great selection of different types of foods, it most often has an area where you can buy fresh vegetables and fish as well. You can not only get fresh foods, but prepackaged foods as well.

Restaurants and Cafes

There are many different restaurants and cafes around Japan. Both chain and those which are unique and specific to the Japanese cuisine. It is possible to get every type of cuisine imaginable. Whether you are looking for traditional Japanese, or a taste from home, they are all available for your tasting pleasure. Home to some of the greatest chefs around the world. Fine dining, or casual cafes align the streets giving you many options to choose from.

Japanese Food Courts

Located around the city of Japan are food courts. They are designated areas where you can buy many different types of foods and cuisines. Many fast food establishments are available, as well as traditional old world style Japanese flavors. Adding a convenience to your day, you are able to get many different styles of foods in one place, which is great when traveling with people who may be looking for something different. These food courts are very popular in the culture.

Isetan Mitsukoshi

Description Mitsukoshi and Isetan are Japanese up-market department stores owned by the same holding company. If you have never been to one of these department stores then you are certainly in for a treat! Clothing, homewares, jewellery, fashion, alcohol, electronics... everything you can think of is provided in these vast stores, as well as food places offering high quality food and groceries in the basement. There are many store locations in many of the wards, and the flagship Isetan is in Shinjuku.


Description Takashimaya is a department store brand with a bewildering array of products and services that put most western department stores to shame. It is a great experience just to browse through the multiple floors and departments, and there are restaurants, salons and eateries on the basement level offering all types of cuisine from all around the world. There are two locations in Tokyo ? one in Nihombashi and one in Shinjuku.

Sogo & Seibu

Description Sogo & Seibu emerged with the merger of the Sogo and Seibu department store chains, and this company now operates a number of department stores and speciality franchises: Seibu Department Stores, Loft, Shell Garden, Muji, Robinson Department Store and Sogo. The flagship Seibu Department store is located in the entertainment district Toshima in Tokyo, and is a great place if you want to visit a truly vast department store with a burgeoning selection of products and services.

Tokyu Department Store

Description Tokyo has a bewildering array of department stores, selling just about anything you could ever need. Speciality stores such as Yodobashi and LABI sell only electronic goods and home appliances, whereas others sell a broad range of products. Ginza is the home of the Japanese department store, with expensive fashion labels to be found everywhere along its main street as well as the more unique selection of quirky gifts and cutesy toys in the smaller stores.

Odakyu Department Store

Description Odakyu is a large and vibrant department store with the largest cosmetics department in all of Japan. They are well known for their extensive list of designer brands ? especially men’s and lady’s wear and jewellery ? and offer a choice of coffee shops to satisfy the most discerning of coffee connoisseurs. This is a great store for finding souvenirs for your trip to Japan. Odakyu is very easy to get to; it is connected directly to Shinjuku station.


Description The Keio Department store offers a large range of cosmetics, handkerchiefs, confections and souvenirs, as well as a dedicated Sanrio shop with a full range of Sanrio goods including Hello Kitty. Customer service staff can help you find the perfect products at the women’s apparel counter, the watches counter, the stationary counter and the cosmetics counter. Keio Department Store can be accessed directly from Shinjuku station, and is near the limousine bus stop for Narita International Airport.


Description Marui is a Japanese retail company best known for the “0101” ? pronounced “marui” - department stores. Marui Department stores are most well-known for providing accessories and fashion for younger women, but they do provide a big range of other products that you would expect to see at any good Japanese department store, including sportsware, foods, photo studios and handicrafts. There are 4 stores located in Shinjuku and 2 stores in Shibuya, as well as numerous others across Tokyo.

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores

Description Daimaru and Matsuzakaya are two different department stores owned by the same company. Daimaru is directly accessible from the Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit, and is composed of over 13 floors of products and services; from fashions to furnishings, groceries to games consoles. Matsuzakaya is one of the oldest department stores in Japan, offering a similar breadth of products to its sister store. The Matsuzakaya Tokyo store is situated in Ueno.

Tobu Department Store

Description Located a short walk from Ikebukuro Station, Tobu Department Store is a typical well stocked, highly varied shop. From make-up to maternity wear, the Tobu Department Store stocks everything you expect and more. The store is open from 10am to 8pm every day of the week, including public holidays. Although there are lots of shops in central Tokyo, the range that Tobu Department Store provides makes it a favourite of international customers.


Description The Matsuya Department Store is focused on high quality products. It is located in the upmarket Ginza district, and so caters to wealthier customers who are looking to purchase bespoke and high end goods. There is an excellent international section of the store also, which sells labels such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu. However fashion is not all that Matsuya is famous for ? its confectionary and food sections are renowned in amongst the well-heeled of Tokyo.

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