Drug Stores

Drug Stores

If you should need prescriptions, or toiletries, while you are visiting, there are drug stores located conveniently throughout the city center. Much like the states, there are drug stores on every corner which can supply you with all the toiletries you will need. Convenient, they offer a smaller selection of what you need, but will be able to supply you with the essential first aid as well. If a bandaid is what you need, you can get one just as easily as you would at home.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Description Matsumoto Kiyoshi is your one-stop destination to get all types of medicines in Tokyo. They are the biggest drugstore chain in the city, and offer all types of medicines, as well as personal care items and snacks. Due to the variety of products they offer, they are more appealing to the younger generation ? this is primarily due to the quality and range of cosmetics they have. It is possible to find branded cosmetics, including Kanebo, Shiseido, Sofina, and Kose.


Description Established in 1935, they have now become one of the most prestigious names in the Japanese market for cosmetics and medications. You can find anything in these pharmacies and drugstores. They have pharmacies and super-drug stores in Kobe area, Osaka area, Kyushu area, Tohoku area, and Tokai area. With a full program of store openings, they now have 280 wonderful stores in Japan.

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