Electronics / Appliances

Electronics / Appliances

If you need to purchase electronics or appliances for your new living quarters, there are several electronics and appliances stores centrally located throughout, both the city center, and the suburbs. Offering innovative technology, they offer the highest quality brands and manufacturers worldwide. There are discount, retail, and high-end stores each having their own niche and offerings. A wide variety means that you have the flexibility to comparison shop and find just the right product for your individual needs.

Electrical Voltage in Tokyo

If you intend to use your mobile appliances while traveling, the outlets available and the electrical voltage of Tokyo will probably not be compatible with your devices. Most electrical plugs in Japan have two like those most common in North America, but the voltage is different at 100 volt. Although most hotels and places will have made the conversion for you, you may have to purchase your own conversion outlet. Be careful to ask before using as they may damage your equipment.

Yodobashi Camera

Description If you are looking for electronics, Yodobashi Camera is a great destination. The 21 stores are placed throughout Japan, and have been evolving since establishment in 1960. The name comes from the former name of the location of the original store, which is modern-day Shinjuku ward in Tokyo. The stores are some of the most successful electronics stores in Japan, with an estimated third of all SLR cameras sold in the country coming from a Yodobashi Camera store.


Description Sofmap is a very new chain of electronics stores in Japan, having been established in early 2012. Since then it has risen to become a very large electronics name, with 723 employees across Japan. Although electronics stores are commonplace in Japan, Sofmap specialises in reselling used electronics after they have been refurbished, offering well-priced electronics. Although the stores are technically new, the company’s history dates back to 1982 when a PC rentals business was created.


Description Despite there being many competitors for the title of biggest electronics store in Japan, Yamada-denki certainly comes close to taking the crown. In 2005, the business became the first in Japanese history to make 1 trillion yen. The company employed, on a full-time basis, over 6,000 staff in 2006, with a further 5,000 on a part-time contract. Having been established in 1978, the company now has more than 200 stores across Japan, specialising in electronics but also selling items such as books.

Bic Camera

Description The Bic Camera company has 39 stores operating across Japan, specialising in the retail of consumer electronics. The company also owns the Sofmap chain of shops, as well as having a 15% stake in Best Denki, another electronics retailer. The stores are spread across Japan, but some have specific retail markets: the Ikebukuro stores, for example, are separated into a main general electronics store, a PC-specialist store, an outlet store, a camera store and a photo store.

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