Tokyo is home to high fashion and the latest in trends and styles. On the cutting edge, you can find local and domestic designers, as well as fashions from around the globe. Clothing and accessory stores are located throughout Tokyo that offer the best designers manufactured both, locally and from abroad. Available are the brands that you would expect from your own region, mixed with the flair of domestic sophistication. The fashion industry of Tokyo sets the pace for the world at large.

Tokyo fashion

If you are looking for a clothing store that has all the latest trends and fashions, look no further than Tokyo fashion. They offer the latest in mens and women’s clothes and shoes. Located around Tokyo and Japan, they offer not only convenient stores, but a website to order from. They have not only the best clothes, but accessories for every occasion, mostly casual, but you can dress most of their clothes up as well.

Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku has the latest in street fashion for Tokyo. Street fashion is Tokyo is very popular it is a mix between casual and urban, and available for both men and women. The key to the Harajuku is that it offers inexpensive fashion to make you look your best no matter where you are going or where you are headed to. They offer clothing lines, accessories and shoes, to make you look not only hot, but trendy.

Shibuya Fashion

If you are looking for what all the famous and trendy people of Japan are wearing, look no further than Shibuya. They offer the latest trends in urban apparel to have you looking your best day and night. Offering not only clothing, but accessories and shoes, they are on the cutting edge of what is at the beat in Japanese fashion. They have all the latest brands for sale, with some new designers to make you look fresh and cool.

Ginza Fashion

If you follow the latest trends and most expensive brands and designers than you will love the goods offered at Ginza Fashion. It is the premier shopping store that offers the most expensive and luxurious name brands that you have become accustomed to. Located around Tokyo and Japan, they carry brands such as Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. No knock offs here just good old fashioned quality clothes at a price that you expect.


Description Uniglo is best know in Japan. A designer of casual wear, they offer to their clientele the latest trends in casual wear. A rising star in apparel, they are toping the favorites for fashion aficionados in Japan. Stores located around Japan offer to you ever style imaginable. Starting as the Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., it has quickly risen to new trendy style and fashion. Not only available in Japan, it is cornering the Asian market for casual wear.


Description G.u. is a store that offers the latest trends for a fraction of the price of other department stores. There are over 65 stores around Japan that specialize in inexpensive, yet casual and chic, clothing. Growing fast for affordability and fashion, it is quickly making a name for itself in the Japan fashion trend scene, as well as the Asian market. One to watch it is climbing its way up the profit margins for retail apparel on the Asian stock exchange.

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