Flowers / Plants

Flowers / Plants

Even if you are just on vacation, your significant other will find nothing more romantic than the gift of flowers. The flowers of Tokyo are far more ornate and exotic than you will find elsewhere. Having the most beautiful and vibrant colors of plants and flowers that are indigenous to Japan, they are more than just natures creations, they are a form of arrangement masterpiece. Located around the city center are many ways to not only stop and smell the flowers, but to purchase a bouquet as well.

Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design

Description Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design is the premier floral designer and distributor in Tokyo and Japan. They design the most vivid and beautiful floral creations. Not your regular florist they offer to their clients the most innovative and beautiful arrangements to blow away their competition, making a name for themselves as not only florists, but artists. If you are having an event, or something that you need floral arrangements for, make sure to check out their designs, but plan ahead, they have a long list of demands being placed upon them.


Description For the floral lover in all of us, U.Goto florist is a premier florist in Tokyo and around Japan. They offer not only the most beautiful flowers they also have plants and other exotic arrangements. They are located throughout Japan and on the internet. If you are having an occasion where you need to have flowers created, and delivered, look no further than U.Goto. It will make quite a lasting impression of elegance.

Flowers Tokyo

Description If you are looking for flowers for a special occasion, or event, look no further than flowers Tokyo. They can deliver the most spectacular arrangements to wow everyone on your list. While in Tokyo, you may want to say thank you, or to say Happy Birthday, they offer the best in fresh flowers, cakes and gift baskets for anyone you want to impress. Make a great impression no matter how far away from home you are.

Serenata Flowers

Description If you are looking to send someone something nice for any occasion, don’t look any further than Serenata Flowers. They have the greatest selection of flowers, plants, wines and chocolates. Sometimes it is hard to send people things in places far away, by looking on the internet you are able to send to anyone around Japan, or Tokyo, a basket that says thank you, or anything that you want it to say.

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