Furniture Stores

Furniture Stores

Furniture stores are located throughout both the city center and suburbs. Offering both contemporary styles, traditional and antiques, there is a wide variety for you to decorate your new accommodations. Smaller specialty stores are located locally, usually within walking distance, while the larger furniture stores can be easily accessible with public transportation. It is easy to choose from both old world tradition to new chic, with so much variety available for both International and Domestic brands and manufacturers.


Description IKEA is the perfect place to find everything you need to furnish a new home. It prides itself on offering furniture at affordable prices and which is easy to put together. Nearly all products come in flat pack form and can be assembled by one or two people. Order online or visit one of the stores in Tokyo. You can find IKEA stores in Yokohama and Misato, both of which are accessible via public transport links in the Japanese capital.


Description Muji is a Japanese retail company selling household and consumer goods. It’s an international contingent of stores and has even expanded into restaurants and cars. Since 1980, it’s been marketing itself as an affordable retailer of goods people want. Instead of conventional marketing, it brands itself as the brand which is spread by word of mouth. In Tokyo, shoppers can find some of their flagship stores in the main shopping district of Shibuya and Chiyoda.


Description Run by the BALS Corporation, Francfranc specialises in home furnishings. It’s the ideal way to fit out a home with simple and stylish goods. It’s a thoroughly Asian store as it has stores in Hong Kong, South Korea, and China. Francfranc offers an online store where people can buy products and have them delivered to their door. Alternatively, come into one of their main Tokyo branches in the famous Shibuya shopping district or in the nearby Shinjuku district.

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