There are speciality stores located around Tokyo’s city center and suburbs that sell different types of breads. These bakeries sell not only the freshest breads, but speciality breads that mimic your native land. Located nearby you will be able to purchase your favorite breads that will give you a taste of home should you be feeling a little far away. If a bakery is not close by, one of the many public transportation avenues can get you there in a moment’s notice.

Japanese Bread

Although most known for their noodle and fish cuisine, Japanese bread is also very popular in the Japanese diet. Although not a tradition, it is quickly becoming a favorite in the diet of many. There are many different kinds of bread including curry, Anpan, Melon-pan, Katsu-sando and mashed potato, or Korokke-pan. Make sure you make it an addition to your plate. Different than other cultures version of bread, it is a taste you may really enjoy.


A type of bread, the kashi-pan is a mixture between kashi and bread. Not a traditional form of cuisine in Japan, it is loved just the same. A bread which is made from Kashi, a whole grain, it is a taste that is all its own. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, kashi-pan is not your usual bread and definitely something that you should try while there. Many restaurants serve their own home baked version.


If you are looking for a combination between bread and something a little sweet, than au-pan may be something that is perfect for you. It is a Japanese sweet roll that is commonly filled with many different things. Almost anything can fill these tasty treats and many different retailers will have their own version. Some are even filled with things that you would not even think of such as white beans and chestnuts.


Melon-pan bread is a type of sweet bun from Japan. Also popular in other Asian regions it is like a crisp cookie dough. The reason that it is called melon-pan is because it looks like a melon and sometimes can taste like melon as well. There are so many different varieties, and each seller will have their own version. If you don’t care for one, make sure to try many others. They come with all sorts of goodies and delectable treats including maple syrup, chocolate, and caramel. Considered a desert, there are many different types of toppings and flavors.


There are different types of Japanese dishes that are traditional to the region. yakisoba-pan is one of them. It literally means deep fried noodles, although it originated in China it is a take off of what we know as chow mein. They are noodles that are made from wheat flour, which are very similar to ramen, but are sweet and thick, made with Worcestershire sauce. Made by frying, it normally has bite-sized pork and vegetables added.


Korokke-pan is a type of deep fried dish that is similar to what we consider a croquette. It is made by combining different types of meats and vegetables with potatoes which are mashed, or white sauce, and then it is tossed with breadcrumbs and wheat flour, eggs and then deep fried until it is brown in appearance. Shaped like a tiny patty, it is a signature dish in Japan, and shortened by calling it korokke.


Kare-pan is a bread which is made from the ingredients curry. It is a doughnut type of Japanese food that is wrapped in dough and then breaded in a panko crust, deep fried and served hot. It is served in bakeries and convenience stores and very popular in Japan. Although the main ingredient is curry, it is a bread that is more defined by the preparation of frying than by the taste of the bread.


A form of Japanese bread that is popular in Japan is the Mushi-pan, or steamed bread. Similar to the bread that is made in China, it is slightly different, and definitely something that is specific to the Japanese culture. It tastes like a sticky rice cake, with about the same flavor unless there are additional ingredients that are poured over top to change the overall taste. It isn’t sweet exactly, but it does have a hint of caramel.


Niku-man is a Japanese food that is made from meat and flour dough. Usually filled with cooked ground up pork, or a host of other ingredients, it is like a bun with meat rolled into it. It is sold from street vendors, very casual, and can be purchased from August through the winter months. It is not only sold through vendors aligning the road, but can be bought at convenience stores when they sell hot foods.


An-man is a type of Niku-man that is filled with meat or vegetables. It is served best when hot and sold on the streets of Japan. Everyone has their own variation of it, and although it tastes similar, depending on the vendor, the taste will be slightly different and appealing to some people. It is also sold in convenience stores, and other places or fairs where hot foods are being made and sold.


Kareman is a Niku-man bread that is filled with just about anything you can imagine. It is made from flour and has ground up ingredients stuffed inside of it. It is a very casual, and can be found in the strangest of places, including vendors that align the street during the winter months. Because it is a hot weather food, it is sold by convenience stores that carry hot foods, and other food stores, when the cold weather calls for it.

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