Let them eat cake is not only a saying, but a thought process in Tokyo. There are many bakeries located around the city center and suburbs. Taking cake baking to a whole new level, the tastes are a true delicacy and the decor of these amazing masterpieces is nothing short of true art. You haven’t tasted cake until you have tasted the cake made from the finest chefs in Tokyo. If you don’t have a bakery nearby, you can access any of the famous bakeries through any of the public transportation means.


Description Located around Japan is this grocery chain. It specializes in confectionary delights, all filled with sugar and other delightful delicacies. There isn’t anything you can’t get in this shop of goodies to finish a delicious meal, or just to treat yourself. If you are looking for a great way to treat yourself, or to bring along something to a dinner party, stop and find something to treat yourself a little. This restaurant and grocery store combination will have you feeling satisfied every time.

Ginza Cozy Corner

Description This awesome confectionary store, located around Japan is the best way to treat yourself after a long day, or to bring something home to make the kids smile. These confectionary treats are like little pieces of heaven, giving you something that will delight whatever your sinful pleasure is. Sugar of all types are whipped into the best desserts you can find on Earth. Go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve it. Stop into this shop and find something to return your smile.

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