Japanese desserts are like nothing else on Earth. They are not just something to end a meal, but something to be celebrated. Not only tasty beyond belief, they are a masterpiece of some of the most amazing art forms you will ever lay eyes on. There are many smaller bakeries located around the city center, or those which are world renowned that may take a little more effort to get to. When visiting, put your diet aside and partake, they are like nothing else you’ve ever experienced.

31 Ice Cream

Description If you are looking for ice cream from the heavens, go to 31 Ice cream. Baskin-Robbins owned shop is located around Japan that gives you a little taste of home. It is called 31 because it offers 31 flavors of ice cream. There are old favorites joined by new creations. Get a scoop of ice cream, or a shake, every creation you can imagine is available for you to treat yourself any time of year.

Nana’s Green Tea

Description Looking for the best in desserts, look no further than this dessert slash coffee shop. They have the best food and drinks around Japanese. The cuisine is made from Japanese matcha green tea powder, and you can’t imagine all the things that can be concocted from just this one key ingredient. Quickly catching on around the rest of the world, the delicacies that are transformed within the walls of these shops are like nothing else on earth.

Golden Spoon

Description Not just an ice cream shop, this dessert shop delights the senses in every way. Some of the most healthy ingredients are combined to make delicacies that can’t be found anywhere. Who knew that things that are so healthy for you can be so good for your taste buds. Looking for the best in berries, coffee, and other sugary delights, you won’t be disappointed by stopping in for just a bite...or two.

Blue Seal

Description Looking for the best ice cream around the world, look no further than Blue Seal. It has the best, freshest ice cream concoctions you can find around the world. In establishment for over 60 years, it has been making people smile around the world. Making specialty ice creams for every population, either sugar free, or extra creamy, there is a flavor and a taste for everyone’s palate. Stop in for a scoop or a shake, like an old time soda fountain, it is a place where memories are made and celebrated.


Description If you are looking for old fashion good, Hobsons does ice cream like the good old days. There aren’t any artificial ingredients in their ice cream, just good wholesome cream, sugar and fresh ingredients. The most premium ice cream in Japan, it was created in 1985 and continues to grow into one of the biggest chains around Japan and beyond. Offering a wide selection of flavors, there is something for everyone’s palate.


Description A new twist on dessert, Donatellos gelato offers the freshest ingredients with a touch of old fashion Italian Gelato. Like ice cream but made just a little differently, the flavors are distinct, light and delicious. Not only specializing in gelato, they offer the finest coffee concoctions for either after dinner, or a pick me up to get your day into full swing. A high class establishment, stop in for an after dinner drink and some dessert.

Cold Stone Creamery

Description If you are looking for old fashion ice cream, this is the best maker around. All the ingredients are fresh and all the ice cream is made on premises. The best part is the way that they can mix ice cream with any concoctions you can dream of on their cold stones so you can mix and match flavors to combine and make your own ice cream flavor. Different flavors every time with a mixture of your favorites, this is more than ice cream, it is entertainment.

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