International Supermarkets

International Supermarkets

While living in Tokyo you may begin to crave a taste of home. Luckily there are many International supermarkets located throughout Tokyo. Offering the traditional brands from abroad that you are seeking, they most likely will also have an English-speaking staff to accommodate you with your needs. Although not as common as the Domestic supermarkets, they are easily accessible using public transportation, and if you are longing for a taste of home, they are well worth the extra effort.

Nissin World Delicatessen

Description The Nissin World Delicatessen is an international supermarket that offers products you can’t get anywhere else. Feeling more like a warehouse, they have products from around the world. Looking for something specific to home? You will most likely be able to find it here. High quality items at a fraction of the cost is the idea behind this enormous retail store. It is labeled as the one stop shop because it offers everything you can imagine under one roof.

National Azabu

Description National Azabu is a Tokyo supermarket which sells lots of fresh produce. All types of groceries are sold; perfect for tourists who want to prepare fresh food using local Japanese ingredients, rather than pay for restaurant meals every evening. There is also a great online shopping feature of the website (although only in Japanese language) and a delivery service is available throughout Tokyo. For frequent customers the supermarket also offers a loyalty card offering monetary rewards.


Description Established in 1885, Meidi-Ya has been selling quality foods for almost a century and a half. There are 14 Meidi-Ya stores in Tokyo, with an additional 7 in wider Japan and 1 store located in the Netherlands. The specialities of the upmarket store include wines and whiskey, as well as olive oils and meat. A lot of the higher quality products are imported from around the world, such as French and Australian wines and Italian charcuterie.

KALDI Coffee Farm

Description Coffee lovers in Japan flock to the KALDI Coffee Farm. This Coffee chain specialises in importing the best global coffee straight into Tokyo to sell to its loyal customers. The company was established in the 1970s, and since then has expanded from selling to commercial businesses to the everyday customer. The Farm also imports a range of other products, including wines and snacks, which are for sale alongside some of the world’s best coffees.


Description COSTCO is a members-only warehouse store, selling discounted bulk items and has stores in many countries. The range that COSTCO stocks is extensive, with stores including fresh baked goods and meats, as well as DIY kits and pharmacy products. The majority of the products sold are from well-known international brands, and the prices are extremely competitive. The store is open every day, and once you become a member you will remain a member for the rest of your life.

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