Recycle Shops

Recycle Shops

If you are someone who is into being green, you will love what the recycle shops in Japan have to offer. We call them resale shops in the states, but they are the same concept. Offering to their clientele recycled, or used items, they not only have very unique items, but they offer to you their products at a much cheaper rate. If you don’t want to spend a lot on things while in Japan, or are looking for things that are a bit more one of a kind, try these shops for some great deals.

Recyle Pro Shop

Description Whether you want to buy or sell your new, nearly new or second hand electrical appliances and furniture, you can trust Recycle Pro Shop. Their stock consists of a variety of washing machines, cookers, freezers, microwaves, and furniture. They make a high-precision assessment using the XRF, a device that tells about the elemental composition of the material. It helps make an accurate assessment and you get the best value for your used items.

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