Having so much fun you want to share it with friends and family? Send a little piece of Tokyo home to those you love to let them know you miss them. There are many specialty shops located around Tokyo that have creative and beautifully handcrafted goods. You are able to find the perfect souvenir to commemorate your stay in Tokyo from both shops and local street markets. Local artists are abundant and appreciate your patronage.

Traditional Gifts

Unlike many places that you can travel to, Japan is full of traditional products that you won’t get anywhere else. The markets are full of Japanese culture and art that truly are unique to the area. Many stores and markets tout the goods of the local artists. There are markets that are solely allocated to offering visitors unique and traditional gifts as opposed to those which are mass produced. There is no shortage of talent, or uncommon goods.

Anime Goods

Anime is a specific type of animation to Japanese culture. Anime is a popular form of art that in Japan. Not only is it the basis for many games and shows, it is an art form all its own. Beloved not only in Japan, it is something that many different cultures loves and follows. Throughout Japan there are many places to purchase anime art. Both amateur and famous anime art is available for you to buy. Some of it is collectible and expensive, and some is just for fun.

100 Yen Store

The 100 yen store is similar to the “dollar store” of the states. It is a store that contains items that are 100 yen. It is a great way to stock up on the things that you need when traveling. There are many 100 yen stores located around the city center and in the suburbs that will supply visitors with all the basic essentials that they will need while traveling at a budget price. A chain, there are stores located on every corner.

Tokyu Hands

Description Tokyu Hands is a retailer of general goods with over 20 department stores in urban areas of Japan. It has the philosophy customers should be able to visit when they want and find what they want. They sell over 30,000 products ranging from health and beauty to home maintenance. Many major brands are available in Tokyu Hands stores. It’s one of the largest and well-known retailers in Japan, with its biggest store in the shopping district of Shinjuku.


Description Loft is a retailer of general goods. It sells everything from power drills to dart boards. It also stocks a variety of novelty and artistic items. It actively competes with Tokyu Hands and has branches all throughout Japan. Recently, it’s expanded to Thailand. In its main Shibuya shopping area in Tokyo, it has a library and a caf? on the upper floors. Loft also supplies a full-colour catalogue during the various holiday seasons in Japan.

Oriental Bazaar

Description Oriental Bazaar takes pride in supplying everything Japanese in its store. It started in 1916 as a small antiques shop. It sells traditional Japanese items like kimonos, furniture, and flags. Many of its products are made by hand and are made in Japan. The Oriental Bazaar has a store in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. Some of its higher end items are antiques and have price tags to reflect the quality. It caters to all types of customers.


Description Daiso is an international retailer of affordable and low cost products. It makes up 65 per cent of the 100 yen product market and sells sundries, beauty products, art supplies, and general home furnishings. In total, there are over 100,000 products in its catalogue. It has its own range of products which it makes in various other countries. Daiso has a number of stores around Japan. In Tokyo, its stores are in Toshima, Chuo, and Sumida.


Description Mandarake dates back to 1987 and started as a small second-hand manga dealer. It’s now the biggest anime and manga store in the world. It even sells special fan-drawn pictures. With the ability to attract international visitors, it has a special auction website where users can bid on one-of-a-kind and unique items. It has numerous stores in Japan, including its Akihabara complex and Shibuya stores. Mandarake facilitates online purchases and ships its products all over the world.


Description Seria is a town that is located in the Belait District of Brunei Darussalam. Named for the river nearby, it is a place that is characterized for its history. The place where oil was first discovered, it has become quite a tourist attraction. There are many things to do in Seria, with many sports and recreation attractions for everyone. If you are looking for something fun to do with the family, check out all that it has to offer to people looking for something out of the ordinary.


Description CanDo is a shop which is similar to a “dollar store” in the sates. It is a 100Yen Shop that has products which are touted as inexpensive. There are many products that you can buy at the shop which will be much less expensive than other places throughout Japan. If you are looking for some great deals on a limited budget, this may be the place for you. Offering both indoor and outdoor goods, it is a fun way to save money and get a “deal”.

Don Quijote

Description Don Quijote is a chain store that has over 160 locations in Japan, and three locations in Hawaii. They carry a wide variety of products of different varieties. Offering everything from clothing to groceries, they are most commonly referred to as Donki. If you are looking to cash in on some great deals give it a try. You can find so,e unique, and cheap stuff. With one on almost every corner, finding one is not hard to do.

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