Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, or prefer to get your exercise indoors, don’t miss out on the action by not having the proper equipment. There are many specialty sports equipment stores centrally located throughout Tokyo’s city center and suburbs. Whether you need equipment, or the proper clothing, all is well within reach at both specialty and department stores. Finding your favorite brand or manufacturer is no problem, sports stores carry both Domestic and International products and brands.


Description Alpen started in 1972 as a retailer of sporting goods. It still sells equipment for all sports, including the lesser-known ones. It currently has its head office in Nagoya and continues to work on expanding its international presence throughout China and smaller nations like Cambodia. Alpen stocks all the major product brands, including Nike, Folio, and Fablice. One of its main stores in Tokyo is just outside the Shinjuku district in Suginami. It also has stores on the outskirts of the Japanese capital.

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