Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station

Tokyo station is a train station that is located in Marunouchi business district of Chiyoda, Tokyo. It is near the Imperial grounds near the Ginza commercial. It is the main internal system used in Japan by the public. There are over 3000 trains in operation per day. Opened in 1914, it has been renovated to mix the old structure with newer high speed connections such as the Shinkansen high-speed rail lines. It also connects to many additional Japan Railways and Tokyo Metro network stations.


Back in 1889 the municipal committee in Japan constructed plans to build an elevated railway line to connect Tokaido Main Line to Nippon Railway in Ueno. It was incepted into the planning stages in 1896 by the Imperial Diet. The construction of it was delayed due to the outbreak of the Sin-Japanese War and The Russo-Japanese War, but finally found its way to opening in 1914. It now houses four platforms which use two separate lines that make their way around the city.


The Tokyo station was designed by Tatsuno Kingo, a Japanese architect who was born natively in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, Kyushu. He first studied for his degree in Japan at the Imperial College of Engineering Graduating in one of the first graduating classes from the institution. He then went on to train under a British born architect Josiah Conder and went on to create his own firm beginning in 1903. Famous for a lifetime of accomplishments, he is known around the globe.

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