Hachiko(Bronze statue at Shibuya)

Hachiko(Bronze statue at Shibuya)

Hachiko is a statue which is made from bronze that was erected at the station of Shibuya. It was unveiled in the year 1934 and was then brought to life again in 1948 to rekindle nationalism. Takeshi Ando was the creator of the one who made another statue in the likeness during that year, he was the son of the original artist of the statue. The second likeness of the statue still stands where it was placed so many years ago.


A professor by the name of Hidesaburo Ueno from the University of Tokyo, was the original owner of Hachiko, an Akita pet who greeted him when he returned from work. One day he had a cerebral hemorrhage and never did make it to the station to find his faithful dog waiting for him. The statue was erected to commemorate the faithfulness of the dog to his owner. The dog waited every day for his master to return and became an icon at the station for years following the demise of his owner.

Hachiko-mae the meeting spot

Hachiko-mae is the most famous meeting spot in Tokayo. It is in front of a famous bronze statue that stands prominently at the Shibuya Station. It is a bronze statue that was erected to show homage to a dog who waited faithfully for the return of his master at the station when the professor did not return from the day. The owner had suffered an ill fate and never did come to claim the Akita dog who waiting loyalty. That is where the statue was placed in membrane of the loyalty of the dog.

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