The Bank of Japan(Nippon Ginko)

The Bank of Japan(Nippon Ginko)

The Bank of Japan is where the major financials of Japan are run out of. It is the central bank located in Japan and is most commonly referred to as Nichigin. Headquartered in Chuo Tokyo, it is the driving force behind the financial institutions that are located in Japan. It was established in 1882. It is an iconic representation of the prosperity that Japan has enjoyed over the many decades since the bank began and expanded around the world.


The Bank of Japan was founded just following the Meiji Restoration. That is when the official yen was issued. It was the conversion of the Feudal control over the state money system and a time when the first chartered banks arose in Japan to establish a money system that is still used today. Japan issued its first banknotes in 1885 and that was the beginning of a world money system which continues to dominate the financials around the globe.

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