The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is the place where the Emperor of Japan resides. In the Chiyoda area of the Tokyo city it is located near the Tokyo Station and accessible through the public transportation system. Surrounding by a park area, it has several buildings at its disposal. It is the personal residence of the entire family of the imperial line, as well as administrative office and a museum. The entire grounds span 3.41 square kilometers and dates back as far as 1868.

Imperial Family

The Imperial Family, or the Imperial House of Japan is the family members that are in the lineage of the reigning Emperor of Japan. They are public service officials that participate in public duties of the state. The Japanese monarchy is the oldest established monarchy which is still in existence in the world. The oldest decedent recorded dating to 660BC there are over 125 monarchs which have known to hold the standing since. Beginning with Emperor Jimmu, the decedents are still held in high esteem and reside in the Imperial House of Japan.

Imperial Household Agency

The Imperial Household Agency is a governmental agencies which resides under the authority of the Prime Minister. It is responsible for the matters of the state that concern the Imperial House. It is stipulated by the Article 7 of the Japanese Constitution, and receives foreign ministers and ambassadors to the state in a ceremonial fashion. It is also the keeper of the State Seal and Privy Seal. The head of the Imperial Household Agency is the Grand Steward and his assistance, the Vice-Grand Steward.

Running rings around the Imperial Palace

There are jogging trails that encircle the Imperial Palace which are taken by runners around Japan. The most popular jogging site, the paths circle the National Museum of Modern Art, The Tokyo Tower and the British Embassy. A path that allows you to take in the sights of the city’s most powerful places, there are many ways to loop the runners circle. In total the entire loop covers five kilometers which means that even a beginner can get a great perspective of the views.

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