Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Also known as the Tokyo City Hall or Tocho, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building contains 23 different wards as well as cities, villages and towns that comprise the city of Tokyo. It is located in Shinjuku and has three separate structures that span a city block. The height of the buildings reach 202 meters and are 663 feet high. There are over 48 stories which house not only governmental buildings but shops and eateries as well.


The designer of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was the winner of the Prizker Prize for architecture, Japanese architect Kenzo Tange. He combined the style of the Japanese traditional architecture with a flair for the new modernization that Japan and Tokyo were undergoing at the time. Not only a look to the future, it is also a revisitation of the past that makes this building one of the most amazing architectural feats of the world.

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