Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree

The Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting observation tower and restaurant which is located in Sumida Tokyo. It is the tallest building in Japan being 634 meters, or 2,080 feet tall. Completed in 2012. A tripod shape it surveys views of the river and the entire city. The observatory component of the building can house up to 2000 people and an additional space for 900 people in the other area. Built to the standards of the special needs of the Japan region it is completely earthquake proof.


An architectural feat like none other taken on in the city of Japan, the Tokyo Skytree is the largest building in the city. It was created and designed by the professional architect Tadao Ando in collaboration with Klichi Sumikawa. These two genius artists created a feat that no one could image. This architectural wonder was completed in 2012 and stands as the tallest building in the Tokyo skyline, housing a broadcasting station and restaurant with views of the city and river below.

Lighting Color/Design

The designer of the Tokyo Skytree wanted to build a structure based on three concepts, the fusion of the traditional sights of the Japan with the futuristic future of it, a revitalization of the city and the sturdiness to withstand the natural disasters that many buildings and sites have fallen prey to in the past. It is a building which was designed in a tripod like fashion, the color of it being bright white, or a traditional japanese color called aijiro. It is illuminated for all to see around the city.

Tokyo Skytree Town

Built around the incredible architectural feat of the Tokyo Skytree, this multi-functional town was created to incorporate the exciting structure of the building with culture, commerce and education. An entire town created has a community that houses three plazas and a nearby resident living space that incorporates everything that you could need all in one location. Matching the environment around it, it has emergency facilities, business, entertainment and cultural sights for the inhabitants who live in the town itself and for visitors who come to spectate.


The Soramachi is a building located in Tokyo Skytree town that houses restaurants and shopping districts for the inhabitants and visitors to the town. Close to public transportation, it also has parking available. One of the largest shopping areas in Tokyo, it is a building that houses the most vast array of shopping stores that you can imagine. Open daily, it is a great place to sight see and shop your favorite stores.

Sumida Aquarium

Located in Tokyo Skytree town is the Sumida Aquarium. If you want to see the most astounding display of marine life, there is nothing else like it on Earth. One of the largest attractions it has over 10,000 marine life creatures and is located on the fifth and sixth floors of the Solamachi. There is a 350 thousand liter marine tank that houses not only fish but other marine creatures such as penguins and seals.

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