Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo tower is an observation tower and communication building that is in Shiba Park, Minaro, Tokyo. Standing at 333 meters, or 1093 feet, it maintains its place as the second tallest building in the Japanese skyline. It was fashioned after the Eiffel tower and is colored International orange which makes it visible from just about anywhere. Erected in 1958, it weighs 4,000 tons and still remains an amazing architectural feat. Built with strength, it was one of the most outstanding buildings of the time. Combined the two observation decks total 500 meters.

Construction Length / Cost etc

The Tokyo Tower began construction in 1957 but was not completed until 1958. It came at a high cost of 2.8 billion yen, which at the time was nothing short of a fortune. It was constructed by Mikken Sekkei Ltd. the designer and architect who took on such an amazing feet. Weighing over 4000 tons, 30% of the materials used were recycled from World War II scraps and it is still one of the most visible, and iconic towers in Tokyo and surrounding.


The Tokyo Tower, constructed in 1957 to 1958 was the brain child of Tachu Naito. For the time it was one of the most amazing architectural feat of the time. An architect and engineer, he was a professor at Tamanashi Perfecture, Minami-Alps. Taking over a year to complete, it remains the second largest building in Japan. Colored bright orange, it can be viewed from the surrounding city and has amazing views to survey from its expansive observational decks which total over 500 meters combined.

Lighting Color

The color of the Tokyo tower is a bright orange, that is labeled international orange. It is a color that is so bright it can is visible from anywhere in the vicinity of the city and elsewhere. It also lights up at night, different hues to illuminate all around. The second largest building in Japan, it lights up the skyline with bright glowing colors. Although orange on the exterior at night it is lit up in many different colors of the rainbow.

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