Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market

The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market is also known as the Tsukiji Fish Market. It is the largest wholesaler of fish and seafood in Tokyo. Located just near the Tsukijshijo Station it is close to public transit. There are not only wholesale shops, it is also home to Japanese tool outlets and restaurant supplies. It specializes in materials needed for sushi restaurants, including fresh groceries and other materials needed. There are over 400 different kinds of seafoods and fishes that are distributed through this wholesale center.

Inner Market (Jonai Shijo)/The Tuna Auction

Unlike anything else in the world, this Tuna Auction is world famous. It is truly an auction for Tuna and other fishes. A sight to behold it runs on everyday of the week besides Sunday every second Wednesday of the month and on some holidays they close up shop. Getting there early in the morning for a good seat in the action is recommended. The people who go are divided into two groups for the auction, so getting there early can make the difference between getting a good deal or leaving empty handed.

Outer Market (Jogai Shijo)

The Outer Market of the Fish Market is the place where you can buy general merchandise. An open market it is in addition to the fish market, selling goods some that are related to the restaurant and groceries, and some which are not. It is a sight to behold, held year round, it is always crowded, so going on off days is recommended. Bringing money to purchase the unique things that you can’t get anywhere else is a must.


The history behind the fish market dates back to the Edo period in Japanese history. It was the place in Japan that supplied the Edo Castle with the food that it needed. It was a specialized market that even as far back as the 1800s sold wholesale food, especially fish. Shortages over the centuries lead to the more centralized market to purchase food and to the markets being set up all in one convenient place for market. the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is now in charge of the market and owns and operates it.

Visiting rules

There are specific rules that need to be followed to shop at the fish market. There is a way that you must conduct yourself if you are going to go to either the fish market, or the auction. First of all vehicles have the right of way, you are not allowed to touch the food, bargaining is not done, be considerate of others, and always say thank you to the vendors and those who are selling you their merchandise. For a happy experience adhering to these simple rules is recommended.

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