Martial Arts

Martial Arts

When in Tokyo you would be remiss to not delve into martial arts. Whether you are a novice, or an avid Martial arts participant, it is a great way to gain focus, get into shape, and gain some balance in your life. There are many studios located around the city that cater to both children, and adult, classes. There are many different genres being taught and practiced, focus on one, or try them all. An age old tradition, the classes taken will be like those taken no where else.

Kodokan Judo Institute

Address 1-16-30 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0003Map
Description Having first opened in the 19th century, the K?d?kan Jud? Institute is a very well-established Judo school. The focus of the school is to teach young people how to defend themselves while discarding the dangerous elements of Kata. The studio is open to visitors, although there are no guides available so all tours are conducted on a self-guided basis. Classes begin at 6am every day, and last usually until 8pm, and are open to the viewing public.

JKA(Japan Karate Association)

Address 2-23-15 Kouraku Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 112-0004(general office)Map
Description The JKA operates in over 100 countries, and has become the largest and most respected karate organisation in the world. The teachings are based around the ancient ‘way of the samurai’ (Bushido) and the organisation is open for members of any age and gender. One thing that makes the JKA so popular is that it uses karate to gradually build fitness levels, meaning that even those who do limited exercise can be taught karate as long as they are committed.

KWF (Karatenomichi World Federation)

Address 2-8-4 Shinkawa Chuo-ku,Tokyo 104-0033Map
Description The KWF focuses on how to release the power of the body through muscles and joints, rather than using techniques that are dangerous. The techniques are based on self-defence and being able to deal blows which will be of use, rather than simply of sporting significance. However at the same time, the karate taught is seen as a work of art, with focus on the centre of gravity and hip movements to aid in the delivery.


Address 2-1-7 Akatsukashin-Machi, Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo 175-0093Map
Description Kendo is a type of martial art which translates to ‘way of the sword’ in English. It uses swords made of bamboo, resulting in a strenuous type of martial art based on sport. Lessons at Ky?meikan Dojo cost around 5,000 Japanese Yen for an hour, and are frequented by foreign tourists and students based in Japan who wish to learn more about the way the Samurai warriors fought with swords. Tours are also welcome in the Dojo which has been operating since 1957.

Aikikai Foundation

Address 17-18 Wakamatsu Cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0056Map
Description Aikido is a type of Japanese martial art which generally translates to “the way of unifying with life energy”. The art was created in the 1920s as a new kind of martial art, which became recognised by the Japanese government in 1940. The Aikikai Foundation teaches the practices of Aikido around the world, as the world organisation for Aikido teaching. At the current time over a million people in 50 countries practice Aikido, as a result of the Aikikai Foundation’s teachings.

Seishinkan Iaido

Address 3-18-1 Toyama, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-0052Map
Description Iaido is a Japanese martial art which uses swords as weapons of self-defence. The Seishinkan Iaido organisation has a dojo in Tokyo, four in Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast) and two in the United States (New Mexico and Florida). A joining fee of 4000 Yen is required, with a further annual cost of 6000 Yen. The first lesson at the dojo is always free, and anyone over the age of 13 years (up to 72 years) can join and practice.

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