Golf is addictive, if you are already addicted, it does not have to end while you are living in Tokyo. Whether you are transplanted for a temporary, or permanent, length of time, you need not abstain from playing your favorite sport. Golf is very popular in Tokyo, leading to many clubs, and courses, located throughout the city center and in the suburbs. Depending on your length of stay, you can opt to join a club, or you can pay as you go. Your choice of courses is great, and so are the golf courses themselves.

Jinji Golf Circle

Description While away you don’t have to sacrifice your first love, golf. If you are someone who likes to play to relax, or just for the competitive spirit of the game, then make sure to take a couple swings on the Jinji Golf Circle. Located near many public transportation routes, you can pay for play at any time you want. There are rental clubs available if you don’t want to bring your won and any level of tee is available for you to challenge your skill level.

Tokyo American Club

Description Looking for a prestigious club that offers not only the best in health and recreation, but the great game of golf, try the Tokyo American Club. It has 19 holes available for play. There are luxurious amenities for you to relax and enjoy some time. You don’t need to be a member to enjoy member-like benefits. There are spaces available for you to have your corporate party and golf outing, or just to hang out and enjoy yourself for the day.

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