There is probably no place on Earth that has more opportunities to hike. Located around Japan are many mountainsides to explore. There are hiking trails designated all around, most of which are outlined and flagged on websites for hiking aficionados. If you are looking for hiking trips, there are many day trips, as well as extended ones, for you to set a course for adventure. Accommodating many different physical activity levels, there is a trail for beginner to expert.

Purchase Outdoor Gear

If you are looking to buy gear to hike or to climb while in Japan, it is the epicenter for the most latest and innovated products for outdoor recreation. Many outdoor gear places are available for you to purchase everything that you will need to take an adventure trip across the mountains, or hike through them. Whether you are a novice climber or hiker, or just want to update your wear, there are many retailers that will outfit you with all you need.

Rental Outdoor Gear

If you are just visiting, or you don’t want to have to take your hiking, or climbing gear across the world, don’t. There are several places located around Japan where you can rent outdoor gear to hit the trails. Along with many tours that will provide you with the outdoor gear you will need, there are rental places that are just dedicated with suiting you with all of your needs. The cost is minimal compared to the hassle and expense of bringing your own to Japan with you.

Mt. Fuji

If you are looking for a great adventure and to see awe-inspiring sites, then Mount Fuji is a place that should not be missed. It is located nestled in the Honshu Island and is the highest mountain located in Japan. It has an active volcano, that has spilled out and made beautiful the entire scenery of the mountains. Snow capped throughout most of the year, it is a challenging hiking experience, but one which you should not miss, as it is a symbol of the Japanese countryside.

Mt Takao

Mount Takao is about 50 km from the inner city centre of Tokyo, in the Kanto Mountain region. It is ideal for nature lovers who crave some peace and tranquility from Mother Nature, but whom are unable to or don’t want to travel hours to get there. There is a cable car and lift right up to the halfway mark, which is about 400 m up, or hikers can enjoy the easy walking paths which take about one and half hours to complete each.

Mt Mitake

Mount Mitake is nestled in the heart of the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, which sweeps over a magnificent 1250 square meters through the greater Tokyo region and beyond. Rugged gorges, rolling mountains, small rural settlements and an abundance of Mother Nature’s finest offerings are just part of what makes this region so popular. Just two hours from the centre of the city of Tokyo, Mount Mitake offers a welcome reprieve from the hustle of the city.


Description Gregory is an upscale outfitter located in Japan that can supply you with all of the outdoor gear that you will need for both hiking and climbing. They have the latest and most innovative products to make any outdoor activity fun and exciting. In business for over 30 years, and with outlets located throughout the world, they have the experience to outfit you for whatever adventure you want to set out on. Located around Japan, they are convenient for you to shop through to find what you need.


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Description If you are looking for the latest trends and fashion, then look no further than AIGLE. They offer you the most stylish clothing for men, women and children. You can either shop their catalog, or you can visit their store. Located throughout Japan they offer upscale clothing at a fair price. Light, earthy and casual, these clothes will keep you well outfitted while you are visiting Japan. Specializing in nature wear, they are located in Japan, London and Paris.

Karrimor Japan

Description Karrimor Japan is an upscale outlet that can supply you with all the gear that is specific to climbing. Climbing the mountains of Japan is slightly different than other places on Earth, and Karrimor Japan realizes that. They offer to their clients everything that they need to stay safe and to provide them with lightweight carrying equipment to make their climb not only enjoyable, but much more convenient. Not only innovative, their products are stylish as well.

KEEN Garage Harajuku

Description There is nothing worse than having wet shoes. When hiking, or climbing in Japan, there will often be times when you will need to go from wet to dry conditions. KEEN brand has the most innovative footwear to take you from mountainous to the mall. Their shoes are not only comfortable, they are stylish as well. Offering you the light and airiness of walking on the beaten path, the KEEN footwear offers the best in outdoor wear. Located around Japan to shop, they can outfit your feet with the shoes that will keep those feet happy.

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