Recently relocating from another country, you may have the rugby bug. If you enjoy the competitive nature, and sociability of rugby playing, you need not take a hiatus while staying in Tokyo. There are many rugby clubs available within the city center. Both competitive, and sport teams are available for you to join. Not only a fun competitive challenge, it is also a great way to form social connections, and great friendships to last a lifetime.

Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium

Address 2-8-35 Kita-aoyama Minato-ku ,TokyoMap
Description If you like to watch, or to play rugby, there is a stadium nearby. Take in a professional rugby match while there. The Japanese rugby union headquarters out of this stadium which is where they play the game which is better known as “football”. A much different version than the American football, it is much more hands on and exciting. The action never ends nor does the thrill of watching the ball being run up and down court any way possible by the many players.

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