There is no better workout than competing in a soccer game. The popularity of soccer, and soccer leagues, is not lost on Tokyo’s locals. There are many social clubs located around the city center, and the suburbs, that offer competitive soccer leagues for both children, and adults. Joining a soccer league will not only keep you competitive while you are in Tokyo, it will also allow you to make social connections, and get a great workout.

Fuchunomori Park

Address 1 Sengen-cho Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-0001Map
Description Taking the world by storm is the sport of soccer. The Fuchunomori Park is the place where you can sharpen your skills, or take in a game. A multi use park you can go to play soccer in the arena which is available, or you can play at the playground, or jogging. Almost every sport you want to participate in is available in this park which is conveniently located in the heart of the city and just steps from public transportation the many cultural centers such as the Fuchi Art Museum.

Nishigaoka Soccer Stadium

Address 3-15-1 Nishigaoka Kita-ku ,TokyoMap
Description If you want to take in a game of soccer or to watch one, Nishigaoka Soccer Stadium is the perfect place to get out your competitive desire. It is home to the Nishigaoka Soccer Stadium stadium which has been in operations for over 5 years. Not the national stadium in Japan, it contains the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences. Most matches are held for Japanese Youth National Teams and quite fun to watch and to get involved in.

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