Airport Access

Airport Access

Transportation to and from the airport is convenient and inexpensive. You can either chose to use the public transportation system, or opt for a limousine for hire. The Tokyo metro offers tickets at discount for one-way limousine destinations to downtown Tokyo. The Tokyo Metro network also offers discounted tickets that allow you to use the Metro systems unlimited for one or two days by purchasing a pass. You can choose either using the Skyline, or the subway system, to reach downtown Tokyo and its surrounding areas.

Narita: Narita Express

The Narita: Narita Express is an express train that runs throughout Japan. It primarily services the Narita airport from the many different Tokyo stations. The service runs on the half hour consistently throughout the day. You are able to prepay for use of the train. It is a convenient way to make your way around the city and to get form the airport to accommodations and back again.

Haneda: JR/Tokyo Monorail

If you are looking for the most convenient way to make it from the airport to your accommodations, or back again, the Haneda: JR/Tokyo Monorail is the best way to navigate around the city. You are able to prepay for a ticket that can be used not only on the Haneda Monorail, but it feeds into the many public transportation routes around the city and suburbs. The Japan public system is convenient and easy enough to rely on for your entire time visiting.

Airport Transport Service Co.,Ltd.

Description You can always trust this company to get to major stations and hotels from Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. Their scheduled bus and limousine service is one of the best in Tokyo as they have a variety of buses, including Super High Decker Bus for 51 persons and High Decker Buses with Lavatory. They have their ticket counters at Haneda Airport and Narita Airport ? you can find info about departure time, bus stop and destination on your boarding ticket.

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