Tokyo’s city is not only conducive to bicycling transportation, it is one the major forms of transportation for many of the city and suburb inhabitants. Trails and special pathways are located all around the city, making it not only safe for you to take a bicycle trip, but convenient. Running alongside the many congested city streets it is the best way to navigate the city without the hassle of any traffic, or hold ups. You can rent a bicycle while visiting and see the city first hand.

Bicycle rental

There are many places to rent a bicycle around Japan. Japan is very pedestrian friendly with bicycle paths abundant to navigate around the city center. Many bicycle rental places are located around the city. If you are staying at a hotel, many will either have their own place to rent, or can direct you to the best and closest place to rent a bicycle for use. Any tourist guide will be able to find a rental agent near to where you are at.

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