Car Rental

Car Rental

There are several car rental retailers located around Japan. You can either rent a vehicle from the airport, or you can ask for some assistance when you reach your accommodations. There may be specific requirements needed to rent a car, and for restrictions on driving licensure. Planning ahead is the best way to insure you will not have any unforeseen problems once you get to Japan for your travels. Also, researching the best car service, with the best deals, can be done by comparing the companies online.

Renting a car in Tokyo

There may be a time when you want to go somewhere that is off the beaten path. Although the public transportation is a great way to make your way around the city, if you want to travel on your own, you may want to rent a car. There are many places that you can rent a car, the airport has many different rental car places. Be sure that you know what drivers license you need to drive around the city. If you are not a native, you will need a special license to drive in Japan.

Nippon Rent-a Car Services, Inc

Description If you're used to left-hand side driving in your own country, you may consider contacting Nippon Rent-a Car to explore Tokyo in your own way. They offer passenger cars, eco-friendly cars, minivans, dry vans, and cargo vans for rent. Remember, not all types of cars are available all the time, so you need to make a reservation in advance. Also, check the excess hour charge, as well as the rates plans that apply in Rebun, Rishiri, and Guam.

Toyota Motor Corporation

Description If you know how to drive in Japan, try Toyota Motor Corporation to rent any type of car, including hybrid cars, mini vans, passenger cars, RVs, and Trucks. With their One-Way System, the company allows you to return the rental car to one of 1,200 shops in Japan. Do keep in mind that you will be charged for returning the car outside the prefecture. You can make a reservation by phone only.

Nissan Car Rental Solution

Description With outlets available in Miyazaki, Okinawa, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Tottori, and other areas, making a reservation is easy ? you can proceed by phone or use the internet. They offer all types of cars, but you will need a special license to drive the passenger cars, trucks, and microbuses. One of their features is the availability of GPS service with sound guidance in English ? make sure to confirm it when you reserve a car. Credit cards are accepted.

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