Highways (kosoku doro)

Highways (kosoku doro)

There are various highways or “toll roads” located around Japan. To use any of the toll ways, or highways leading throughout Japan and to the surrounding areas, there are tolls which must be paid for use. Depending on the type of vehicle you are driving, there is a different fee attached. Also, the amount of driving you do on them will determine how much you owe. When you enter and exit, the price you will owe is calculated.

ETC Card

Description The ETC Card was developed to overcome the toll way systems from being overwhelmed by traffic. You are able to purchase an ETC card to use for payment when using the tollway system. It is a debit card that you can use to pay any fees for use. You are able to use the cars while in your car, or in another vehicle, as the card is tied to the user, not the car used. They are an excellent way to speed up your usage of the system

Service Area (Rest Area)

Description Rest areas are the same in Japan as they are in the states, only a ramped up version of them. Not only do they contain bathrooms for use, most have many other services like gift stores, dining and beverage shops. They are more like mini-malls where you can stop along your travels and rest, or take a break to use a rest room. They are expansive, and above all, well maintained and clean which is not always what you would expect in the states.

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