Parking space is more limited in Japan than in other parts of the world. Because of limited space, their solutions are a bit more creative, as well as, expensive. If you intend to park around the city, make sure to keep money on hand to pay for parking and research the many options available before settling on the best place to rest your car for long, or short term. There are spaces available on the street, or in multi-parking facilities.

Parking Meters

Description If you intend to park in Japan, you will most likely need to use a single space parking meter. Different than in the states, parking in Japan’s spaces is guided by sensors which detect the presence of your car and require payment. Once you are in the space, the meter accepts 100 yen coins only so be sure to have them on hand.
Description Paid parking is used to maximize space, similar to parking garages in the states, it is a multi-story facility. More advanced, it uses a mechanical delivery system to park your car vertically. They are known by many different names, but the concept for them is all the same. The cost for them varies so shopping around for the best price is always a good idea. They charge per space used so the type of automobile you drive will determine the cost.

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