Taxis are an important component to transportation in Tokyo. There are hundreds of Taxi services that run around both the city center, and suburbs. Making it easy to maneuver the city without having your own private transportation, Taxi for hire services are available anytime day or night for your convenience. Whether you need to go only a couple of blocks, or across town, locating a taxi for hire is as easy as either flagging down a taxi driving by, or making advance reservations for pick up.

How much are Taxis in Tokyo?

There may be times when you will want to go off of the beaten path and consider a taxi. Although not an inexpensive way to travel, if you want to see sites that are outside of the range of public transportation, it is possible to hire a taxi. A taxi will cost approximately 600-700 yan when traveling the first 2 kilometers and then increase by 100 yen for any additional 500 meters. It is more expensive to take a taxi in the evening than during the day by about 20%.

Flagging Taxi in Tokyo

Hailing a taxi can be done from anywhere around the city of Japan. It is possible to call for a Taxi, but most of the time that will not be necessary. Simply standing on the corner will get you a taxi ride. There are regions of Japan that only allow taxis to pick up passengers from a taxi stand, like in Ginza and around railways and subway stations. If you are staying at a major hotel there will most likely be taxi stands available for you to find one without any difficulty.

Nihon Kotsu

Description Nihon Kotsu is one of the most popular options to find the finest taxis and limousine service in Tokyo. With taxis and limousine service available for sightseeing, business, weddings, funerals, etc., they are the best in town. You will always find a taxi, as they have now made over 3200 taxis available in the Metropolitan area. They have two types of taxis available, yellow taxis and black taxis.

Tokyo MK Corporation

Description Tokyo MK Corporation is one important name in the transportation industry in Tokyo, Japan. You can use their Airport-Pick up plan, but be sure to make reservations at least three days before your arrival. They also offer limousine services, with cars including Toyota Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan Fuga, and more. Their Private Chauffeur Service is an added benefit, which allows you to make a direct contact with a driver with a car available for hire near your location.


Description For outstanding airport transportation service in Tokyo, you can always trust ANZEN Taxi. They run a service between Haneda Airport and Tokyo metropolitan area. The biggest highlight is that they offer their service at Fixed Fare (you know exactly what you will be paying even before you take a taxi). They offer Fixed Fare to Narida Airport, Haneda Airport, and Tokyo Disney Resort. Be sure to make a reservation at least 72 hours in advance.

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