Being able to access the entire city by using public transportation, the Subway system which is comprised of 13 separate rail lines, covers the entire perimeter of Tokyo’s city center. Centrally located directly inside the areas of Ginza and Shitamachi, you can maneuver completely around the Yamanote circle with ease. Expanding outside of the city center, the subway also connects you to the suburban Odakyu Line. The expansive subway lines connect city inhabitants to their suburban neighbors.

Tokyo Metro & Toei

The Tokyo Metro and Toei are the two major rapid transit railways that make up the Tokyo subway system. Purchasing a railway pass allows you to use both systems to navigate around Japan and see any site you can imagine. Having a total of 99 stations, there isn’t a part of Japan that can not be accessed using the combination of the two systems. They comprise the most comprehensive lines to get you anywhere you want to go with ease and convenience.

Pasmo / Suica

The Suica or Pasmo card is a smart fare card that can be used on all the train lines that circulate the city of Japan and the surrounding suburbs. It can be used in the Kanto Region for both the JR East stations and in the Kansai region. It is a prepaid card that makes using the many lines around the city accessible for visitors and locals. The best way to navigate the city, its ease of use makes it a great card to purchase.

Japan Rail Pass

Visitors to Japan can purchase a Japan Railways pass that is usable on any of the many mass transit systems around the city center, and into the suburbs. Provided by the Japan Railways Group, it allows visitors to see the many sites of the city all using the convenience of one pass. Taking the guesswork out of how to navigate the city, it is an inexpensive alternative to renting a car, or other transportation vehicles.

Children fare

While traveling by Tokyo Metro subway, you will be paying a child's fare if your kid is between six and eleven years of age - half of what you pay as an adult. Under six years old, and a six year old that is not in elementary school, will be considered as toddlers - you won't be charged for two toddlers, but for a third toddler, you need to pay the child's fare.

Tokyo Metro Co. Ltd.

Description One of the best ways to explore all the wonders of Tokyo is the Tokyo Metro Subway. Its 9 lines and 179 stations are used by more than 6 million people every day. For traveling, you will need a ticket, or you can also opt for a PASMO card, which is a prepaid transportation card with an IC chip - you can use it on automatic ticket gates with ease. The entire network is English language friendly.


Description Local public enterprises like the Transportation Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government make it very convenient to travel from one part of Tokyo to another. The network includes Toei subway, streetcar, bus, and Nippori-Toneri Liner. The Toei Subway network includes four lines - the Asakusa, Shinjuku, Mita and Oedo Lines. The Toei Bus system services the ward area, whereas the streetcars are now only available to travel from Minowabashi to Waseda. Nippori-Toneri Liner is a computer-controlled train servicing Arakawa Ward and the Toneri area.

East Japan Railway Company

Description One of the best things about traveling in Japan is that it is serviced by the world's largest railway company in the world, the East Japan Railway Company - it is also one of the seven Japan Railways Group companies. The railway lines of this company serve Kanto and Tohoku regions, as well as some of the adjacent areas like Nagano, Niigata and Yamanashi. These lines go through about 1263 tunnels, including the longest tunnel known as the Iwate-Ichinohe Tunnel.

Keio Corporation

Description Traveling by train will give you an amazingly rich experience in Tokyo, and Keio Corporation is playing a big role in connecting visitors and citizens with different parts of the city - the railway network connects the western suburbs of Tokyo with Central Tokyo. All these trains come with proper heating and cooling systems, along with the facility of 'priority seats', which are the seats (8 in total) available in every car for handicapped persons, elderly persons, pregnant women, and persons with a toddler or infant.

Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Description To make it easier for you to get about Tokyo, Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. is at your service. You will find Japan's most popular attractions, including Shinjuku, along the Odakyu Lines. For tickets, you can use the vending machines available on every Odakyu Line which dispense all types of tickets, including a round-trip ticket, limited express ticket, etc. It is also possible to choose between the Limited Express Romancecar and the Express Train. Romancecar is a reserved-seat train only.

Tobu Railway Co.,Ltd

Description A popular commuter railway service in Tokyo, Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. is a regional and intercity operator in the Kanto region. The company also serves other areas, including Saitama, Tochigi, Chiba, and Gunma Prefectures. They also offer special discount cards (All Nikko Pass, World Heritage Pass, and Kinugawa theme park pass) for international travelers to make it convenient and less expensive to explore different sights in Tokyo. Note, there is no refund available on limited tickets after missing a scheduled express train.

Seibu Railway Co.,Ltd.

Description The diversity in the modes of transportation is what makes your visit to Tokyo a lot more exciting and entertaining - and using SEIBU Railway lines is one cost-effective way of exploring attractions in northwest Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture. Designed for tourists rather than commuters, Seibu Railways has a number of linked offers and discounted tickets that include the travel and entrance to some of Tokyo’s best attractions, as well as discounts for the various facilities and services.

Keisei Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.

Description Once your flight has landed at Narita Airport, where do you think you should go? Try Downtown Tokyo, and you can trust Keisei Electric Railway to make your trip a lot more satisfying. You can either opt for the Skyliner or the Access Express - both of these are high-speed passenger trains and operate on the Narita SKY ACCESS Line. You can book a seat in advance to make sure you get a seat on the Skyliner on your arrival.

Tokyu Corporation

Description Exploring different areas in Tokyo is made easy by opting for Tokyu lines. With a total of 8 lines, the network covers over 104.9 kilometers. It is also possible to find interesting leisure facilities along the Den-en-Toshi Line that takes you to central Tokyo - the Setagaya Line is also available (it's a streetcar line). They allow you to travel on a variety of tickets, including ordinary tickets, commuter passes, multiple-trip tickets, platform tickets, and more. They also offer group discounts as well as discounted fares for disabled.

Keikyu Corporation

Description Keikyu Corporation is a private railway network connecting inner Tokyo to Yokohama, Kawasaki, Yokosuka, and other areas in Kanagawa Prefecture. There’s also a Keikyu line connecting Haneda Airport with the city. There are special one day/two-day passes for international travelers to explore attractions from Shitamachi downtown to trend spots. Through Keikyu lines, it's quite convenient to get to Shinjuku, Yokohama (by Limousine Bus), Tokyo Disney Resort, and so on.

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