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Rental Apartments in Tokyo

Unfurnished rental apartments are the best option for stays in Tokyo over 12 months. Wide range of properties ranging from 150,000 Yen to 2 million Yen per month. Over 3,000 selected properties on our private database. All the major buildings in prestigious neighbourhoods and quiet residential areas. From one bedroom to five bedrooms for your whole family. Our English speaking Leasing Consultants have access to the most up-to-date properties available on the market.

Who does this suit?

+ Professionals staying over 12 mths
+ Best value for long term stays
+ Selection of over 3000 apartments
+ Must have valid visa status
+ Lease contract for two years

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Providers with Partners

Offering an extensive selection of carefully selected properties throughout central Tokyo. With our partnership with all major building owners and managers, we offer up to the date listings, and ability to offer other apartments not listed on our website.

Bilingual Leasing Agents

Our Bilingual Leasing agents can show you properties throughout central Tokyo. With local knowledge and understanding of the marketplace, and experience in offering advice for the unique challenges of relocating to Tokyo, we are sure to meet your needs.

Moving to Tokyo

Read our Moving to Tokyo Guide, and learn the ins & outs before arriving in Tokyo. Once you find an apartment, we will help in setting up the utilities (gas, water, power), as well as internet. Join our Tokyo Apartments community and meet other expats!

Offering a range of services to help you enjoy your new adventures in Tokyo. Japan can test the most seasoned travellers.

Over 570 members take advantage of our 'One Stop Housing Solution' to better accommodate their valuable employees in Tokyo.

Are you considering renting out your furnished or unfurnished apartments in Tokyo?

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