Airport Pickup Arrangement Service

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5 measures to prevent Covid-19

・Pickup Crew will wear a mask
・Pickup Crew will take body temperature and blood pressure test
・Car sanitization
・Ozon deodorization and sterilization
・Droplet prevention film installed

Airport Pickup Arrangement Service Arrangement Fee Promotion now!

You have just stepped off the plane, tired and aching from a long flight.

Now with your heavy luggage, you need to stare Japanese public transport maps in rush to your destination. Trying to catch a local taxi or booking a car service in Japan can be time consuming and complicated. Using our airport pickup arrangement service along with our comprehensive services will make your travel experience simple and stress-free.

With the current pandemic, the Japanese Government strongly requests avoiding the use of public transportation. For your safety, please take this opportunity to use an Airport Pickup Service. For a limited time offer, the arrangement fee will be waived when moving into the applicable property before January 31st, 2021.

*Actual expense of airport pickup service will be charged.

【Promotion applicable property list】

・MONDESTAY Tokyo Kanda
・Plan House Tokyo Kanda
・Tokyo Apartments Central Tokyo GINZA

*Arrangement fee (8,250 JPY) will be charged for properties not listed above.

【Airport Pickup Fees】

Departure Transportation time range Destination Fee (tax included) Arrangement Fee (tax included)
Haneda Airport 05:01 21:59 Tokyo 23 District 26,500 JPY 8,250 JPY → 0 JPY !!

*Limited Promotion
22:00 05:00 Tokyo 23 District 33,125 JPY
Narita Airport 05:01 21:59 Tokyo 23 District 40,000 JPY
22:00 05:00 Tokyo 23 District 50,000 JPY

All taxes and highways tolls are included in the fee above.
Actual arrival time of the flight will be counted as the transportation time.
*Arrangement fee will be waived when moving in before 31st December 2020.

【Pick Up Flow】

*Pickup Crew will be waiting 10 minutes away from the Reserved Taxi Stand.
Please call the Pickup Crew after successful entry (past customs).
Pickup Crew will head to the Reserved Taxi Stand at the pickup time after receiving the call.

【Coming from countries without COVID-19 test at airport】
*Pickup Crew will be at the airport around the expected arrival time of the plane.

【 Coming from countries with COVID-19 test at airport 】
*Pickup Crew will be at the airport around 2 hours after expected arrival time of the plane.

Please inquire from the inquiry form or inform the operator when applying for the serviced apartment to use the service.