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Tokyo Relocation Service

Tokyo Relocation Services

Relocating to a new culture in a new country is a truly exciting time, it can also be a stressful time. What was once a simple process will now become a complete unknown offering plenty of frustration as you get to grips with the processes that are Japan. We offer Relocation packages to get your daily affairs in order, from orientation and house hunting to getting a Cellphone, Bank account, drivers licence and other compulsory registrations that need to be done in Japan.

Who does this suit?

+ First timers to Tokyo
+ Professionals with minimal time
+ Remove the guesswork
+ Right advice first time
+ Settle into daily life quickly


Why use Relocation services?

+ Remove all the guesswork
+ Get the right advice first time
+ Save time & money
+ Settle into daily life quickly


Who does Relocation services suit?

+ Non-Japanese speakers
+ First timers to Tokyo
+ Professionals with minimal time
+ Customers with little or no support


Requirements for Relocation services

+ Anyone needing assistance for settling down in Tokyo.

Offering a range of services to help you enjoy your new adventures in Tokyo. Japan can test the most seasoned travellers.

Over 570 members take advantage of our 'One Stop Housing Solution' to better accommodate their valuable employees in Tokyo.

Are you considering renting out your furnished or unfurnished apartments in Tokyo?

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