Serviced Apartments FAQ

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What are the upfront costs to rent a Serviced apartment?
Rent paid in advance up to one month.
Security deposit of 100,000 JPY for stays up to three months.
Security deposit of one month rent for stays over three months. Question index
What documents are required to rent a Serviced apartment?
Copy of passport information page.
Completed Application form. ( We send this to you to complete )Question index
How soon can I move in?
As a general rule, move-in on the same day is not permitted. The application process (paperwork, screening process, contract, and payment) will require at least 3 days to complete if in Japan. Those abroad should presume the process will take 1(one) week and recommended complete before entering Japan.Question index
Are the utilities (water, gas, and power) included in the rent?
Yes, utilities are included in the rent. However, additional fee will be charges if the utilities are not used sensibly and the limit is exceeded (Limits vary between apartment size). Please turn off the water, electric appliances, and air conditioner when leaving the apartment.Question index
Do you provide the tableware? Will there be an additional fee?
The tableware, beddings and towels are all provided in the rent. Additional bed and futons will require a fee.Question index
Can I pay by credit card?
As a general rule the payment should be made by bank transfer, however some properties will accept credit cards (VISA, Mastercard or AMEX). Other methods of payment: Bank transfer, and JPY Cash (Traveler's checks cannot be accepted).Question index
Are there any hidden extra charges?
Please note that we may add an additional fee in case we find that the utility fee greatly exceeds the average fee. This very rarely happens but if internet has an unreasonably heavy usage there may be charge.Question index
What time of day can I move-in?
Unfortunately, as a general rule, the move-in time is 4 pm onward and the move-out time is by noon. However, depending on the arrival time and the availability of the property, the move-in time can be flexible. If you are coming from abroad, please inform us of your flight schedule as soon as possible (It may be difficult to meet your request in the case of early morning and night time arrivals).Question index
How can I receive the key?
We will contact you and arrange a convenient arrangement after the payment and paperwork are completed. If it is after hours, generally we leave the key in the foyer mailbox and provide you with the combination.Question index
Do you offer an airport pickup service?
Yes. The driver will meet you at the customs exit with your Name Board.
For more information, please ask our staff upon inquiry.Question index
Can I extend my stay?
The contract cannot be extended, but if you give us two weeks notice prior to the termination date we can create a new contract with the extended stay. If the room is not available, we can offer a vacant room in the same building or an apartment in a different property.Question index
Can I terminate the contract earlier?
Yes, it is possible to bring the termination date forward at any time without penalty. We require a minimum of one month notice. There will be no refund if the termination date is less than a month from the date of notification or if you vacate the property before the revised termination date.Question index
Can I stay for less than a month?
Yes. There are some properties available, however the daily rate is to be applied and is higher than the monthly rate. Please note the rent is calculated according to the number of the days you stay and not the nights like most of hotels.Question index
Can I view the property in advance?
Yes, you can do so within our office hours, Monday to Saturday between 9:30am and 6:30pm. Please call us to make an appointment and we will do our best to arrange the viewing.Question index
What is the Move-out Cleaning Fee?
The Move-out Cleaning Fee is a fee, separate from the regular room cleaning, to cover the expense of restoring the property to its original state after you move-out. The fee will be required as part of the initial payment before move-in (Some properties have the move-out cleaning fees included in the rent). If the property is badly damaged and in need of repair, additional fees may be required. Please note: The Move-out Cleaning Fee will be charged even if the property has been recently cleaned.Question index
Is House Keeping included in the rent?
No, house keeping is not included in the rent. We require a one-time fee of 1,100 JPY (tax included) regardless of length of stay.Question index
Who is the contact person?
Someone who can be contacted in case of an emergency if the tenant or occupier can’t be reached. The contact person may be your relative or colleague, but must be residing in Japan. We will require their name, address and telephone number.Question index
Are there any smoking rooms?
All of our serviced apartments room is non-smoking.Question index
Do you allow pets in the apartments?
Unfortunately our Serviced Apartments have a NO pet policy. We do offer Pet Friendly Apartments with long-term leases of over a year to two years. Please inquire for more information.Question index
What is the Security Deposit?
The Security Deposit is kept as a guarantee to protect the owner. It will be returned to your bank account if there is no damage to the property and all bills are paid. The balance can be transferred to an overseas bank account by request. However, the bank transfer charges will be charge to you.Question index
When is the Security Deposit returned?
It will take between four to six weeks for the Security Deposit to be returned, assuming additional charges are all deducted (unpaid additional utility bills, repairs, unpaid rent).Question index