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STEP 1:Inquiry

- Contact our English speaking consultants via phone or email for a free assessment.
- We do a personal search and provide you with floor plans of properties that meet your criteria.
- After your feedback, we organise a time to visit the properties.

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STEP 2:View

- Our Mobile consultants will pick you up at a convenient location and commence viewings.
- Please remember to bring shoes that are easy to take off as apartments are strictly "no shoes" policy. We also recommend bringing a camera and [documentation].
- Due to the busy market, certain properties may not be available for viewing at specific time frames so may require a bit of flexibility.

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STEP 3:Apply

- The first step to take once you have found a suitable property is to put it on hold. This takes it off the marketplace for 24 hours while you confirm your decision. This will require [Documentation ] about the lessee.
- Once you confirm you want this property we will put a formal application to the property owner. The screening process usually takes between 5 to 8 working days

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STEP 4:Sign

- Once your application has been approved, the person taking responsibility for the apartment will need to sign the contract.
- At this time a move-in date will also be discussed. Usually 5 to 7 working days after contract is signed.

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STEP 5:Move In

- Our Mobile consultants will arrange to meet you at your new home for a damage inspection.
- We will show you through all the new appliances with an explanation of how they work.
- We can also help you pre-arrange your Utilities (Gas, power, water and internet) so your home is ready when you move.

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