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Tokyo Sublet Apartments

Just bring your suitcase! For stays in Tokyo over three months to 12 months, this is an ideal option . Excellent for people who are “time poor” but want all the luxuries of home available when moving. A cost effective alternative to Furnished apartments while still receiving all the major benefits. Utilities are not included in the monthly rent and an Agency fee may apply. Get in contact with us today for a free needs assessment or start searching for your new apartment now.

Who does this suit?

+ Ideal for 3 to 12 month stays
+ Professionals working in Tokyo
+ Short term Furnished apartment
+ Valid visa required
+ Must sign contract


Why choose a Sublet apartment?

- Fully furnished apartments
- Better value than Serviced Apartments


Who does a Sublet apartment suit?

- Ideal for 3 months 12 month stays
- Professionals working in Tokyo on medium term assignments


Requirements for Sublet Apartments

- Valid visa for duration of stay
- Contract is required
- Proof of financial ability

Recommended Sublet Apartments

Property Image
Serviced Apartments Tokyo Apartments Takanawa (SA)
Property Name
Tokyo Apartments Takanawa (SA)
570,000 JPY/M
Shinagawa Area
Special Offer
Special Offer
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