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Long Stay Apartments

Apartments for stays over 12 months

We have a range of Furnished and Unfurnished rental apartments for clients wishing to stay in Tokyo for longer than 12 months. Choose from a Furnished apartment or add a complete Furniture rental package with your Unfurnished apartment to get the greatest choice of apartments.

Tokyo Furnished Apartments

Furnished Apartments

The best option for 6 to 24 month long stays in Tokyo. Make big savings compared to serviced apartments or hotels. Security deposit and Agency fee are required. Utilities and internet are not usually included in the monthly rent. View Apartments

Tokyo Rental Apartments

Rental Apartments

Relocating to Tokyo for 12 months or longer? Then this is the best option. Huge range of apartments available in all the main business and residential areas. From 150,000¥per month to 2 million¥ per month. We will have something for you. View Apartments

Tokyo Corporate Apartments

Corporate Apartments

Quality furniture and appliances for your rental apartment. Coordinated apartment packages including curtains, lighting and kitchenware. Available for one year or two year leases. Save time and money when relocating to Tokyo... Learn more

Offering a range of services to help you enjoy your new adventures in Tokyo. Japan can test the most seasoned travellers.

Over 570 members take advantage of our 'One Stop Housing Solution' to better accommodate their valuable employees in Tokyo.

Are you considering renting out your furnished or unfurnished apartments in Tokyo?

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